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Windsurfing Lessons and Hire


If you enjoy watersports then you will love windsurfing.

Enjoy a lesson where you'll learn the basics of windsurfing and with the guidance of your experienced instructor you'll be up and windsurfing within your lesson.


On the day of your windsurfing lesson you'll be taught a series of techniques to get you up and windsurfing within 2 hours. We will start your session with a brief theory and on land demonstration in sailing across the wind, turning round and the all important 'secure' position' before you hit the water.

After some practice on the water, you will learn - correct sailing position, controlling the direction with the rig, basic tacking and gybing, self rescue and more!


Our experienced and enthusiastic instructors will be with you every step of the way.


You will be surprised at how easy and quickly you will be able to enjoy windsurfing.


For those with more experience we can offer a course tailored to your needs. We will supply all equipment, including a buoyancy aid and wetsuit. 


Beginner Lessons:


1 hour private = $90

including a 30min hire voucher for a later date


5 hour lesson package = $395

including a 150min hire voucher for a later date



Bring a friend for a 2 hour private lesson = $130pp

including a 120min hire voucher for a later date









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